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Tint Shop and Installers in Austin, Texas

Our team of professionals at Tint Specialist is proud to offer clients with the most incredible results on automobile tint services. When you are looking to increase the value and appearance of your vehicle, Tint Specialist has the best options for you.

At Tint Specialist we have been in business since 1999 and have proudly offered clients with the most exceptional results on tint shop services. We provide various tint shades to meet your specific needs

There are various factors that make tint highly beneficial for your vehicle. One of the main reasons that clients choose our automobile tinting services is to reduce the amount of heat that enters their vehicle.

Summer time in Texas can become very hot, our window tint will provide you with protection for up to 35% darkness to block intense UV-rays and heat from entering your vehicle. This will prove to lower the strain put on your vehicle's air conditioning over the summer months each year.

Another reason that window tint is greatly acquired is because it prolongs the life of your vehicle's interior. These scorching UV-rays over time can cause your vehicle’s interior to become faded, cracked, and undesirable in appearance.

We begin our residential and commercial tint services by cleaning the window free from dust, dirt and debris. We then place the film on the outside to cut out the shape, hang it on the peel board and begin the application.

This process is quick, efficient, and will provide you with incredible results. With auto tint from Tint Specialist you can expect your window tint to be free from bubble, jagged edges or other undesirable attributes.

It is important to remember that your auto tint has been installed, to leave your windows rolled up for two full days. This allows the tint to dry efficiently, and prevent accident like bunching ripping or other damage that can occur when rolling down your window.

If you are living in the Austin area call us today at (512) 566-3207 and learn more about our incredible results at Tint Specialist. One of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you in your time of need.

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